PacNW928 Owners Challenge I - October 30th, 1999

Go-Karting in Tacoma

The Gearheads vs. The Two Pedal Brigade .......................................find the truth behind the myth

Attendees and their chariots, these are Adam's words shamelesly plugged.

Owner (s) Year     Color Comments
Guy DuHamel '81 Euro 5 speed Light Blue U.S. marker lamps
Ray Henson '88S4 US Auto Gold Chipped/RMB
Andy Pope '81 Euro 5 Speed Green Factory Roof Rack
Louis Ott '90GT US 5-Speed White BWAAAAHHHHH
Tom Middleton '87S4 US Auto Black Momo Wheel (Monte Carlo ??)

RMB/Carbon Fiber Shifter

  '84S US 5 Speed Black  
Rob East '87S4 US 5 Speed Red 27K Miles
  '86.5 US Auto    
Terry & Diane Reddinger '89S4 US Auto Red Speechless ....
  '86S US Auto Red  
Dan Golich '89S4 US Auto White  
Rob Fossett '85S US Auto Dark Blue Nice Motor, killer stereo soon
Chris Ford '91S4 US Auto Black RMB
Adam Birnbaum '88S4 US Auto Black Needs a wash

Adam Birnbaum's write up of the day

Picture of the cars

Adam Birnbaum's write up of the race

Pictures of the Race

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