Stuttgart Airforce

Bracket Drags Day
High Tech Imports vs. American Muscle

Read what Adam had to say and check out the pictures from Pat Edwards, Adam Birnbaum and Chris Ford.

The Videos:

Chris (91 A/T) and Terry (89 A/T) 1.9 meg (Chris in the far lane hits 14.33@99mph!)
Pat (85 5-sp) and Rob (85 A/T)2.2 meg (Duel of the 85's - Pat is in the far lane)

Here are the best times of the day by each participant:

Driver Car---Factory 1/4mile ET* Modifications E.T. (sec) MPH
Louie "The Professor" Ott White 90 GT-- 14.2 sec custom exhaust, chips, 
Das-Tek etc.. 
13.546 102.73
Terry "The Enforcer" Redinger Guards Red 89 A/T--14.5 sec RMB 14.384 98.5
Ray "The Scalpel" Henson Sand met. 88 A/T--14.7 sec chips/RMB 14.342 100.12
Rob "Dolby" Fossett Pru.Blue 85A/T--14.9 sec stock 14.680 96.45
Phil "Gorilla" Wilson Ven.Blue 87 5spd--14.5 sec chips 14.619 101.31
Chris " Concorde" Ford Black 91 A/T--14.5 sec RMB 14.335 100.03
Tom "Midlman" Middleton Black 87 A/T--14.7 sec chips, RMB, adj. FPR 14.245 97.58
Pat "Predator" Edwards GarnatRot Met. 85 5spd--14.2 sec?? stock 14.52 99.37

* - Factory ETs taken from 928 Specialists Tech Specs page.