PacNW928 - Owner's Showdown II
Gearhead's Revenge

The Two-Pedal Brigade was victorious once again!!!!!!!

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DATE:    October 15, 2000   (Sunday)

LocationSyKart Racing in Tukwila (1/2 hour south of Seattle)


T-Shirt Graphic (long sleeve)

The now familiar breast pocket graphic is
to the left, and the big graphic will be on the back.  The T-shirts will be
red this year, with the graphic in black.  The exclamation point and border
will be white (like on the dash) , and the roman numeral two on the breast
pocket graphic will also be white.

The Teams:

Two Pedal Brigade


2PB-1)  Rob Fossett  (85S)  and Curt Nichols (87S4/91GT)    -   Pole Position GH-1)  Phil Wilson (87S4) and Levi Hanson (80)
2PB-2)  Chris Ford  (91S4) and Adam Birnbaum  (88S4) GH-2)  David Schmidt (90 GT) and Lloyd Johnson (91 GT)
2PB-3)  Ray  and Tyra Henson  (88S4)  GH-3)  Jim Viglietta   (79/83 erector set) and ??? 
2PB-4)  Tom Middleton (87S4) and Michael Gardner  (86S) GH-4)  Bobby Williams (91GT) and Dannette Sullivan
2PB-5)  Terry and Diane Redinger (89S4)  GH-5)  Guy DuHamel   (81 Euro) and  Kerry Butler 
2PB-6)  Dan and Julie Golich (89S4) GH-6)  Craig and Leeann Grip (81)