PacNW928 @ Devek Days

Line-up at the photo-shoot during the Sunday drive.

Here are some photo's from David Schmidt.  Write-ups to be added shortly.

PacNW928 convoy gathers

Here are David's '90 GT, Tom's '87 S4, Adam's '87 S4 and Dennis's S4 at the meeting point just south of Portland.

Bob East showed up for breakfast but hadn't been feeling well and decided not to drive to Devek Days.

I5 Southbound

Keeping speeds close to the limit, it still looked great seeing 4 928's driving together. I led for the first leg then Dennis took over and I dropped to the back for some pictures.

Dennis, Adam and Tom with David (me) covering the rear.

Saturday at Devek

The registration tent

David's '90 GT (red) with Tony H's Silver S4 next to me

Devek starts to pack them in

With only limitted parking the cars start to arrange themselves on Saturday morning

Nice low-miles (35K?) GT was for sale and looked sharp

As more cars and attendees arrived we all started looking over the various cars and putting faces to names we've seen on the lists.

More fill-in

All parking is now filled one car deep. Now starting to fill in the empty space with a second row!

In front of Devek Bldng

Devek building is the beigh building on the right here.

The Phat 928

Body kit and a fully redone interior make this car VERY interesting. More info at

One of the few GTS's to arrive

Tony H (V1UhOh)

Silver S4 with custom air tubes

Painted intakes and insulated PVC air intake tubes on Tony's silver S4.

The wire here is for Tony's in-car intake thermometer setup. He can measure inlet and air box temps to guage how effective his intake tube insulation is.

Marc Thomas of Devek

Welcoming talk inside the Devek garage.

Lucky Eckman's '89 GT on the corner scales.

George Suennen

Check out George's pictures from Devek at

Under a shark

Marc's back to us with Lucky Eckman to the right.

Mark Kibort's (now EX) race car

Since crashed, but watch for the replacement!

Jim points out features under one of the cars on the lift. There were three cars on lifts at Devek. A 928, a 928S and a 928 S4 so all models could be examined.

The Devek "White Car"

6.5 liter, normally aspirated, track prep'd supper 928.

Fastest 928!

The White Car does over 200mph at the open road races.

Caption for the destroyed engine

Destroyed engine

2/6 rod bearing failure is NOT nice.

The hole from inside.

The hole from the top of the "V".

Example block ready for another stroker?

Black long block with headers

'90 GT Transmission.

'89 4 speed automatic transmission

Under the 928

Belts and hoses on the 928

Mark Kibort's ex-racer again

Dan Brindle's custom 928 cabriolet he's been restoring

Louis Ott gets a ride in the White Car!

Excited? Like a kid in a candy store!

Sunday Drive

We take OVER a McDonald's parking lot in a small, northern California town.

OK, who parked the SUV in *our* lot?

McDonalds overflow

The Devek Days photo op

We drove up to a park where they let us in long enough for a quick photo shoot.

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