PacNW928 - Owner's Showdown III

"Battle In Seattle"

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The Announcement

Gearheads vs. The Two Pedal Brigade III

The time has come once again to match skill, cunning, and punting, wheel to
wheel with your 928 comrades.

This year, due to the high number of participants (Thirty-two plus!!!), the
Endurance Indy has been extended to 90 minutes!  We have eight 3 pilot
teams, and 4 mixed double teams, start doing those reverse arm curls, can
you say arm pump?  An hour and a half is a long time!

The cost is $1425 for the track plus tax (8.6%) for a total of  $1547.55, or
$48.36 a pilot.  I'm asking for everyone who is racing to forward payment of
$50 just to make sure we are covered.

The race list is as follows:
If you are listed as a floater you will still race, your team just has not
been predetermined.

(Roster updated 1/24/02 per Adam's "Revised Showdown Roster" post on 1/23.)

Two Pedal Brigade:
     2PB-1:  Adam Birnbaum/Chris Ford/Paul Wilhelm
     2PB-2:  Terry Redinger/Diane Redinger
     2PB-3:  Dan Golich/Julie Golich
     2PB-4:  Rob Fossett/Tom Middleton/Terry Thomas
     2PB-5:  John Casebere/Jim Hurtt/Dennis Wilson
     2PB-6:  ______________/Dawn Schindler/Mark Rosenfield

2PB Floater:
Dawn Schindler

     GH-1: Curt Nichols/David Schmidt/Jim Viglietta
     GH-2: Heinrich Smit/Andy Pope/Nick Daffern
     GH-3: Randy Robertson/Ken Templemann/Phil Wilson
     GH-4: Anne Wood/Barry Wood
     GH-5: Bob Voytcheff/Bob East/Thurston Pritchard
     GH-6: Bobby Williams/Dannette

GH Floater:
Pat Edwards and Heather

Possible alternates: Randy's Sis and Brother in law

The event starts at 1pm, but I would like everyone there between noon and

Kartz Indoor Raceway
18311 Bothell-Everett Hwy
Bothell, WA 98012-5233
(425) 489-2800

Those that pay first will be guaranteed a reserved spot.  Payment can be
forwarded to me at:

Adam Birnbaum
The Birnbaum Law Offices
11416 Canyon Road East
Puyallup, WA 98373

Please indicate "Owner Showdown" on the check.



Adam's write up

Over the weekend the Pac NW 928 Owner's group once again went toe to toe with each other, pitting 5 speed owners (The Gearhead Team) against A/T owners (The Two Pedal Brigade) at The Battle in Seattle - 928 Owner's Showdown III.

Due to the swelling of participant numbers (about 30), the Endurance Indy Kart race was extended to a full 90 minutes. Racing was intense from the get-go, and I got pulled aside by the track manager after the first ten minutes (we'd already had 4 major collisions with 12 Karts on the track).  "Too much bumping, if they break a kart, I won't put another one out".  Luckily soon there after people started to behave, or just plain got too tired.

The Two Pedal Brigade has taken this event for the last two years straight, but this year, there was something different in the air. The scent of ATF was noticeably absent, and in its place, melting asbestos and hypoid gear oil.

After 90 minutes, The Gearhead Team took the honors, and bested the 2PB by three laps overall. A commemorative medallion was given to each racer for their victorious effort.  Not going down without a fight, the 2PB team of Rob Fossett/Tom Middleton/Terry Thomas did win the overall with the most laps turned, and went home with the trophies to prove it. Terry Thomas also took home the trophy for the quickest lap time, and the coveted Pac NW "No Limits, No Excuses" black windbreaker.  The "Moving Chicane" trophy, which goes to the slowest lap time, was given amongst much controversy and very little factual basis to Curt Nichols.

The line in the sand has been drawn, enjoy it while you can Gearheads.

I guarantee The Two Pedal Brigade will be back next year with a Vengeance.

-Adam Birnbaum
Two Pedal Brigade

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Modified 04/22/2002