928 Links


Where would we be without the help of the BIG THREE:


928 International (in Anaheim, CA) near LA
928 Specialists (in Kennesaw, GA)
DEVEK (in Belmont, CA) near San Francisco


Local Shops

Paul Weir  (downtown Seattle) - Known for 911s but has done some 928 work
Fordahl Motorsports (Bellevue) - Again mostly work on 911s but supposedly can align 928s
Autowerks Northwest (Leifs Shop in Woodinville) - Apparently very good with 928s
FAT City (downtown Seattle) - Don't know anything about these guys yet.



This is a list in progress.  Please let me know if you have used any of the above (or any others).  I will compile any comments on a separate page for future reference. midlman@seanet.com