DynoDay III, March 3, 2001

Terry R's Mint '89S4 at Dyno Day II, September 9, 2000.

Date:    March 3, 2001
Time:    8:00am to 5:00pm (1 hour lunch break from 12 to 1pm)
Location:    Austin's Pro-Max in Tacoma.

We had 12 people hit the rollers this time around included several that were not scheduled.  Highlights include a freshly rebuilt GT and a 84 S (US) with more than 250000 miles.

Check out what a great time we had at Dyno Day II.  Also take a look at Chris Fords page for the first PacNW928 Dyno Day  including the incredible shredding tire!!!!!

Pictures and movies

(Warning: the MPEG versions are HUGE, averaging 40-50mb.  The Real Player versions are a few meg each.)


Driver Car -- (factory hp/torque)* Performance Modifications Results at wheels 
Results at Crank** (est) 
Adam Birnbaum
Black 88 A/T -- 316/317
Custom Louis O Exhaust
266HP/291 ft-lbs
333HP/364 ft-lbs
Curt Nichols 
Schiefer Grey 91 GT --326/317
Stock (fixed flappy)
275HP/270 ft-lbs  324HP/318 ft-lbs
Rob Fossett
Prussian Blue 85S A/T -- 288/302
251HP/255 ft-lbs
314HP/319 ft-lbs
Paul Wilhelm
Moss Green 84S A/T --  234/267
Custom  Exhaust/over 250,000 miles!!!!
 179HP/220 ft-lbs 224HP/275 ft-lbs
Tom Middleton
Black 87 A/T -- 316/317
X crossover/RRFPR/RMB/Stock chips
270HP/295 ft-lbs
338HP/369 ft-lbs
Lloyd Johnson
Marine Blue 91 GT --326/317
Stock (just rebuilt)--flappy no worky
 283HP/274 ft-lbs
 333HP/322 ft-lbs
Andrew Fritze
Prussian Blue 86.5S A/T -- 288/302
 217HP/227 ft-lbs
 271HP/284 ft-lbs
Ralph Smith
Black 91 GT -- 326/317
 292HP/285 ft-lbs
 344HP/336 ft-lbs
Jason Rinne
Chiffon white 84S A/T-- 234/267
 195HP/237 ft-lbs  244HP/296 ft-lbs
David Schmidt
Red 90 GT --  326/317
RMB -- flappy no worky
 271HP/279 ft-lbs
 319HP/328 ft-lbs
Trisha Hagen
Purple 83S A/T -- 234/267
Stock 177,000 miles
 185HP/226 ft-lbs
 231 HP/283 ft-lbs
* - Factory specs taken from 928 Specialists Tech Specs page.
** - Automatics results divided by 0.8 (20% loss) for crank, 5-spds divided by 0.85 (15% loss) for crank estimates.